Friday, February 10, 2017

Turn Your Idea Into a Viral Youtube Video

Creating online content for the Internet isn’t always easy. Going viral is another feat altogether. On a video-sharing platform like YouTube, there are lots of great videos that deserve millions of views while there are less than stellar ones that have already reached infamy. How can creators like us turn ideas into something the world will watch?

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First, it’s all about the quality. When you have good material, like a really inspiring story for a short film, you have to bring it to life through the video quality, acting, and all other technical aspects. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars. It’s more about crafting your content with great care that will make people see and understand your message.

Next, think about your audiences. Will they understand what you’re putting out there? Do you think they’ll be able to last through the entire video? Viral videos have reached their status because audiences have found something that they can share with others. Whether it’s a funny line or an interesting cover of a song, you have to do something that will make them press that share button for the rest of their network to see.
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One of the coolest things about YouTube is that you’re the one who controls your content. It’s a playground for creators. After setting up your channel, feel free to explore your talents. Experiment with your shots and editing. Don’t stop until your videos reach a wide audience.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Take note of these injury prevention tips when running

Running is a sport you can practice with little equipment. The exercise is great for those who want to start their fitness regime but are unsure how to begin. Done correctly and diligently, running can shed those unwanted pounds and build physical resistance and strength. This does not mean that there are no risks to running. Take note of these tips to prevent common running injuries.

Stretch: This is the most important tip runners should remember. Even a fit athlete can pull a muscle or tear a nerve if they do not properly stretch. These pre-running exercises make muscles pliant and better able to handle the strain of the bouncing and repetitive motion.

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Adding strength: It can appear as a chicken-or-egg dilemma but runners need to ensure that their bodies are strong enough to run. Strong muscles and ligaments protect against injury but improving form and leading to a consistent gait. Remember that running places pressure on one’s knees. This area in particular is prone to injury especially among obese runners. However, steady running - even if the speed is slow at first - helps remove excess weight which improves health. Runners are encouraged to supplement their activities with strength-building exercises.

Improve form: Do not gauge your running ability through speed. What is more important is form. There is a lot of controversy around this. Some runners believe that there is a right technique for running; others believe that each individual has their own way of running. Regardless of how one feels about running form, you should never feel pain or pressure when doing the activity. Legs should move in a smooth manner.

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For novice, it is best to start with a running buddy or mentor. This person should be able to guide you gain confidence in your running.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

The weight loss formula: The meek palate and the agile feet

Everybody wants the “ideal” body weight. Apart from looking better, losing weight can keep certain diseases away such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. But to lose weight, exercising is a must.

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For most people, their go to work out if they want to lose weight would be jogging or running. Running is fine and all, but everyone who is partaking in the workout needs to know that to lose weight more effectively, there is more to it than making the feet more agile. A healthy diet plays a crucial role as well. 

When people lose weight, it means that their calorie expenditure is greater than their intake. This is where dieting comes in. Since carbohydrates have the most calories due to their high glucose content, runners need to avoid them. Instead, they should opt for more proteins such as meat. Fruits and vegetables are also a staple in weight management. There are numerous calorie calculators online for a more comprehensive guide on how much calorie should be taken in so that the basic energy needs of the body won’t be neglected. 

Apart from dieting, strength training will also hasten the weight loss process. When muscles are put to work, they use stored energy. The bigger the muscles, the more energy they consume. This will also improve the metabolism of the body. So incorporating strength training into the plan will help greatly as well.  

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As a health buff myself, I put significant attention on my physical activities and the things that get into my tummy. For more fitness tips, follow me, Heather Weber, on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

‘Tis The Season: Nutrition Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holiday

The year is almost over, and that means a whole lot of holiday eating. Typically, the last few months are when people gain more than a few pounds due to parties, feasts, and events that occur around this time. Nutritionists say that people gain an average of one pound mid-November to mid-January. This does not seem a lot until one realizes that people don’t lose the weight they gain over the holidays and is a major reason for yearly weight gain. Here are some nutrition tips to remember:

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Watch portion sizes: Holiday binge-eating is common, particularly because plates become bigger and the amount of food available increases. One should watch their portion sizes carefully. It is okay to indulge once in a while, but remember that you don’t have to finish what is on the plate. If you feel adamant about cleaning off plates, remember to use a smaller plate and only have one serving.

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Smart snacking: Christmas cookies and other goodies become readily available during this time. It is usual for many people to munch on these snacks, even if they’re not hungry. This is also because the holiday season means people do not have so much work to do. The extra time causes people to become bored and eat to fill in the time. One must also be very careful about snacking while in front of the television.

Sleep: One of the reasons for weight gain is sleep deprivation. Parties can last until the early morning hours, with people going to work the very next day with only a few hours of rest. This lack is compensated with excessive amounts of eating. Additionally, sleep deprivation changes hormone levels, which lead to higher caloric intake.

Remember that just because it’s the holidays is not an excuse for unjustified eating. One must still be mindful about what they place in their bodies.

Heather Weber is a college student from Portland, Oregon, who dreams of working at Merrill Lynch after graduation. Aside from her passion for her studies, she is also a staunch advocate of healthy eating. More articles on proper nutrition and diet can be accessed on this Facebook page.